Handmade embroidery


The fashion designer Alona Çini has created a unique clothing line that brings together her family traditions and culture of flourishing Ukraine. The main accent is special hand embroidery, which not only makes every item unique but also gives meaning to the clothes. Therefore, this is not just clothes, but a story of two worlds, a story of traditions.

The designer is inspired by the Çіni’s family ornaments.

Ornaments from the famous factory «Kutahya Azim Çini Fabrikasi» were used in her collections. The products of this factory have been fairly recognized as one of the best around the world. They have got a huge number of awards around the world, in particular in France, Germany and England. Alona Çini proudly claims to be happy to belong to this family.

The designer got acquainted with the art of embroidery in her early age because this skill was passed from generation to generation from her grandmother. Ukrainians always respect traditions, especially if they are family ones.

Alona Çini’s clothing line is a work of art filled with a wonderful sense of love.

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